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Grants to help children and young people in the PL postcode area
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Anyone can apply for a grant or nominate someone to receive one through our website. We only have 2 criteria: the recipient must be under 25 years old and they must live within the PL postcode area. 

We have also given grants to other local charities that help children and we have also helped many Plymouth schools and local Sports teams.

We welcome applications from people needing help in a variety of circumstances, including help with respite or additional child care, purchase of sports or musical equipment, essential home items, training or travel fees, even just a well deserved treat or money for a school trip.

If you would like to apply for a grant from the PLCC, please complete the form below, telling us a little about yourself and why you would like our help. Your application will also need to detail what you would actually like from the PLCC.

The committee meets every 6 weeks and a committee member will contact you in the week following the committee meeting in which your application was discussed to let you know whether or not the PLCC can help with your grant request.

Please note, we do not provide grants for overseas trips.

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