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Help children and young people in the PL postcode area and have fun!
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Join the PLCC

If you would like to help children and young people in the PL postcode area, please complete the Membership Form below to join the PLCC. You will find the bank details for the Plymouth Ladies Charity Club’s bank account below this form.

Please note that the information submitted in this form is received by 3 members of the PLCC Committee via email and is stored only in our email system. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

PLCC application form

I consent to this email address being used within a group email with other PLCC members. (This information is confidential to Full Members only and may not be used for commercial purposes.)

Are you able to help with or provide contacts for any of the following?

Would you be willing to participate in / help with any of the following?

Would you be able to represent and speak on behalf of the charity at an event?

I am applying to join the Plymouth Ladies Charity Club and undertake to do all I can to assist and support the charity in their work and to achieve its objectives.

I agree to setting up a standing order with my bank giving instructions to pay my chosen amount each month to the PLCC's bank account. I understand there is no joining fee.

I choose to pay the following amount by standing order each month:

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Plymouth Ladies Charity Club Bank Account Details

Charity No: 1170402
Company No: CE009159

Bank details: Please contact us. Thanks.