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We received an application from a Plymouth primary school, asking for urgent help. A young child had been moved to their school because he had been moved out of the family home for his own safety and placed with another family member. This child was initially so affected by violence that the school were not able to allow him to be in school for more than an hour a day, due to his behaviour.

Initially, there were no funds in place to help this family or the child with food, clothing, shoes etc.  So the school asked for our help. We put out a plea to our members for help and our members all pulled together and donated bags and bags of food, clothing, toiletries, bedding etc. So much was donated that we were able to deliver thievery large food hampers, bedding & towels over a period of a couple of months. We have stayed in touch with this family and the child is now settled in school full time, happy in his new life and doing very well.

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